Misión - Mission
Our mission is to guarantee the availability of wood for pulp production and other related products responding to high quality standards to assure the satisfaction of both our clients and our employees through the strengthening of research and development of forestry, agriculture, farming and ecotourism.


DEFORSA’s vision is to be the timber production model company that is ecologically integrated and is in a constant search of technological improvement and profitability.
Visión - Vision

DEFORSA’s main activity is the production and harvest of the timber demanded by PAPELES VENEZOLANOS (PAVECA) a subsidiary of our company located in Guacara, Carabobo, as raw material to make the best quality paper and to meet the expectations of its consumers.

Empleados de Deforsa - Deforsa employees

Every day is a challenge in DEFORSA. We transform difficulties into opportunities trying to make a contribution to everyday’s life quality of all the people with whom we relate, focused on values and principles. All the staff works passionately for the welfare of people, communities and the country. Our work provides services to improve the wellness of both individuals and communities as we fulfill our commitments with the different related groups and interact with the most vulnerable sectors of the population in solidarity.


Our 25 years of experience in the timber sector makes it possible for us to have the best timber for paper pulp production achieved through years of research and genetic improvement (breeding) of clones.

Our people

Our staff is qualified innovative people who are characterized by honesty, integrity, intelligence and knowledge about their job.


Our staff constantly takes part in training and updating programs.


We enjoy a healthy work environment; our relationships are nice and kind even under conflictive situations. They are based on trust, mutual respect, constructive team work and integrity. To keep this environment, we develop different activities for the employees such as company parties, “Bolas Criollas” tournaments which play an important role in the promotion of harmony among DEFORSA’s workers.

Empleados de Deforsa - Deforsa employees


DEFORSA SAN CARLOS: Km 12 El Totumo Road, San Carlos, Cojedes State, Venezuela.

DEFORSA CAÑO BENITO: Quitapesares Road, Caño Benito sector, Picaton farm, El Pao Municipality, San Juan Bautista, Cojedes State , Venezuela.

Estado Cojedes - Cojedes state


DEFORSA - San Carlos: 93332.12 N - 683030.58 O

DEFORSA - Caño Benito: 91620.43 N - 681520.68 O